Kissing The Bad Boy by Melanie Marks

I usually read through a lot of books but I never really take the time to share my thoughts about them. So that’s what I wanted to start doing, from the kind of books I read to what I liked about them.📚 I have read Melanie Marks books in the past and quickly became a fan. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to read all her books because my Kindle Unlimited Trial ended.😂 But luckily for me, I found this bad boy (see what I did there) free on Amazon.🙀

Kissing The Bad Boy by Melanie Marks.

Kissing The Bad Boy - Melanie Marks
Synopsis: The first time I kissed the (smokin’ hot) hockey player bad-boy at my high school it wasn’t on purpose. The second time either. (I swear!!) But since it KEEPS happening it seems he’s beginning to suspect it’s on purpose. He seems okay with that. In fact, he seems delighted. (Swoon!) But—but kissing a bad-boy, that’s so not me … is it? Well, okay, it kind of seems it is. I mean, holy smokes—yowza! That bad-boy can kiss. But is this good girl ready for a bad-boy? The bad-boy seems to think so … and so does my confused heart. But—but … Mmmm, well, his kiss makes me forget the buts! I’ll get back to you on it.
… Oh yeah—I have a boyfriend.


Rating: 💜💜💜💜💜

If we all know one thing it’s that no one can resist a bad boy especially one named Cade Cole.🏒

So it makes sense that our dear Julie here is subconsciously yearning for Cade. Kissing him? What?! What about her boyfriend? But I mean who could really blame her? He’s the star hockey playing bad boy with smoldering eyes that seem to devour her every move. (sigh😍) We also get to learn what happened six months ago, everything from how they met, why he left, and the rumor. When Cade comes back, it sends our sweet Julie’s heart into a frenzy.

“It had to do with want. And passion. And a magnet that seemed to be drawing us together.”

Kissing The Bad Boy - Julie and Cade inspiredI found myself completely immersed in the story. It was a fast read but it definitely left me wanting more. This is why I enjoy Melanie Marks books because of the way the characters are written. Everything they go through, how they feel and how delicate their hearts can be. The chemistry between Julie and Cade was evident from the first chapter, I was like this is my otp (one true pairing).🙏🏽😍 Sorry boyfriend, move aside.👋🏽😗 Heck there were times where even I was left intoxicated, dizzy and breathless. I understand where Julie was coming from not knowing Cade’s true intentions. Did he really like her? Or was he doing all of this to get under her boyfriends skin?

“But love is full of the unexpected. It comes unexpectedly, from unexpected people.”

Kissing The Bad Boy in the snow 🔅 I definitely recommend this book. It’s a standalone meaning you don’t have to read any book before this. But I would highly suggest that you go crazy and just read them all.🤗

🔅Have you guys read any of Melanie Marks books? If so, which ones were your favorites?📚 If not, but you’re planning to, which book is catching your interest?🤔


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