The New Girl by Tracie Puckett

Contrary to popular belief, Oh who am I kidding, Mr. Rivera is undeniably the object of my affection.”😍

I couldn’t help but find Mr. Rivera nothing but swoon worthy. I mean who didn’t have a crush on their teacher back in high school? We all had that one teacher we non discreetly drooled over.😂

The New Girl (Webster Grove Book 1) by Tracie Puckett.

The New Girl (Webster Grove book 1) by Tracie Puckett inspired - allthingsnerdyfloraleblog
Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time. A move to Webster Grove introduces her to a new school, new friends, and new experiences—including a few tender glances from her sexy English teacher. When she learns that Mr. Rivera is only a few months away from becoming family—his brother is marrying her mom!—she must do whatever she can to fight all of the growing suspicions about the time they’re spending together. When odd family circumstances only push her closer to the man she’s dreaming of, Steph has no choice but to hold it together … or risk losing it all.


Rating: 💜💜💜💜💜

Abcdef Ghijk has to be the most unique name I’ve ever come across. I loved Stephs character. I couldnt help but get this mischievous smirk on my face anytime she interacted with Mr. Rivera. The chemistry is there. I repeat the chemistry is there. Ugh a slow tedious burn, it’s literally killing me but those are the best types of romances.😏

“…It was impossible not to fall victim to his sweet voice, or to be swept away by those dark eyes. He was kind, intelligent. I’d never met anyone like him, someone whose presence alone could demand so much authority and attention. He was basically the ideal man, all rolled up into one, perfect body…”

Finding out what inspired Steph to start drawing, I sat there along side Mr. Rivera seriously impressed. I couldn’t help but feel a small wave of sadness come over me though. Her character was someone I could relate to or at least felt like I could. I understood her frustrations. Her wariness with her moms new relationship. The burdens and sacrifices of having to move around a lot. I can’t imagine not having a place to call home. On some level I can sympathize with Stephs mom. I can understand wanting to have a connection with someone, wanting to love and be loved back. Still that doesn’t take away from the fact that she tends to go about it the wrong way. Though I do have to admit Calvin is a keeper.😍

The New Girl (Webster Grove book 1) by Tracie Puckett - Steph inspired

You should snap a picture of that,” Bridget whispered, staring intently at our teacher’s backside. “Poster-size, can you imagine?”

One of my favorite parts of the book was the friendship between Steph and Bridget. I found myself hysterically laughing when these two were together. Bridget is that best friend every girl needs. She’s funny without even trying and spunky, it’s hard not to love her. She’s not afraid to fight back if you mess with her or her friends.

Romeo, oh Romeo, what the heck is up with you? Romeo, my mystery man, the twinkle of Juliet’s eye. I was really rooting for you, come back from the dark side. Even though Nate and Bridget are secondary characters, I found myself equally invested in their friendship and if maybe the possibility of love is in the air for them.

The ending was incredibly touching. Mr. Rivera is truly amazing. I couldn’t help but start the water works as I read the last chapter over again and again, sighing dreamily. “That was really sweet of you, Mr. Rivera.”❤️

The New Girl by Tracie Puckett - book 1 of 5 in Webster Grove book series

🔅Obviously I recommend this book. Don’t let those Lifetime movies fool you.😂 (If you watch any movies on their network then you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

🔅This is the first book in the Webster Grove series, so go check it out and let me know what you think of the books.📚


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