Falling for my Best Friend by Hazel Kelly

Falling for my Best Friend (Fated Series Book 1) by Hazel Kelly.

Falling for my Best Friend (Fated Series Book 1) by Hazel Kelly.
Synopsis: Lucy and Aiden have been friends since they were kids. Best friends. And they’ll never be anything more.
Or at least, that’s what Lucy keeps telling herself…

This is book 1 of 5 in The Fated Series.

**Warning: This new adult romance series contains adult situations and mature content.

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“I think you’re soft. I think it’s all a façade and you’re really Rainbow Brite on the inside.”

“You got me. Peel back my skin, and I’m just a pile of gummy bears.”

Falling for my Best Friend, Fated Series Book 1 by Hazel Kelly - Lucy inspired.

Just within the first couple of chapters I already was loving Lucy and Aiden. They have a friendship anyone would be envious of. (Me included😍) . I like how supportive they are of each other. When these two are in scene together I can’t help but smile. No matter what they go through they can always lighten up the mood and make each other feel better. They just get each other. It wasn’t just them just falling for each other but It was also us falling along with them.❤️

Falling for my Best Friend (Fated Series Book 1) by Hazel Kelly - Lucy inspired.

“…I didn’t have a lot of balls at all. The truth was I used Tinder because I was totally gutless, because I wanted to seem normal, and because it gave me the perfect excuse to never get close to anybody…”

In no way are these characters perfect, they have their own struggles they deal with. Lucy, I freaking love her sense of humor, goes on a lot of tinder dates that typically don’t work out so well. (I mean its hilarious to read and totally relatable because we’ve all been through those really AWKWARD dates.) It could be because she subconsciously compares all her dates to Aiden.😏 She basically sets herself up for disaster. Yet she doesn’t allow herself to see Aiden more than just her best friend. Lucy has her issues. Some that we don’t get to explore too much in this book but enough to know it’s something that she’s clearly dealt with for a long time.

“…I’d never known anyone who was more true to his word. If he told you he would be there, he would be. If he made a promise, he didn’t break it. If he entered into a relationship with you, you were given every benefit of the doubt until you crossed him, and then it was like you never existed…”

Model girlfriends and money aside, I applaud Aiden.👏🏽 Not only for being my leading man or being a best friend a girl could ask for but for being a really good boyfriend. Maybe even too good for his current girlfriend. He puts up with a lot. I don’t like Chelsea whatsoever. I understand wanting to be healthy and eating right but I mean come on. Let Aiden eat lol.🍦🍔🍕🍝🍞 Chelsea is a snake. I tried to sympathize with her but she’s repeatedly doing things that make it hard to. The extremes people do in order to pursue their dreams. But at what cost? Aiden’s concerns are understandable. How do you help someone who doesn’t want listen?

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Oh yeah evil people.🤔

Falling for my Best Friend (Fated Series Book 1) by Hazel Kelly - Lucy and Aiden inspired.

I freaking LOVE ice cream!😚
I absolutely love that Aiden and Lucy have this thing where they check out new places for the best ice cream.☺️ Recently I’ve been eating nothing but coffee and peanut butter cup ice cream. It’s not as gross as it sounds I swear!😂 I’m with you there guys I might never eat another vegetable ever again.🙅🏽

“So what’s the plan? Spend the rest of the summer sulking in here so you look like a vampire the first day of sophomore year?”

“It’s not the worst idea. Chicks dig vampires, right?”

Aw the relationship between Lucy and her brother reminds me of the one I have with my own brother.😂 Yes chicks dig vampires. Duh. Young love. Heartbreak. What a great combination for some inspiration. I mean what would the world be without Adele or Taylor swift?

“…I’d rather have an All American boy with blond hair and blue eyes who looks far too innocent to do the nasty things I’d have planned for him.”

Omg Fiona, she’s seriously hilarious! The things she says, it makes sense that she’s besties with Lucy.🙏🏽😂 She’s also not afraid to call you out and gives pretty good advice. Dr Phil in the house. I like that she’s protective of Lucy especially with a boss like theirs. Omg what a creep!! My heart was racing so fast!🙀

Falling for my Best Friend (Fated Series Book 1 out of 5) by Hazel Kelly.

I actually liked how we didn’t start off on the Lucy and Aiden train right away. We were seeing them as best friends, their lives outside of each other and their relationships with other characters. Little by little they both started to realize their feelings for each other. It was slow but inevitable. It ended in a really good place … The last line … Aiden FINALLY seeing Lucy in a new light … I’ve been waiting patiently for it and …. I literally leaned back in my chair covering my face with my hands. I don’t know why I torture myself with reading a book series. I need to read the next book! But I never got that gift card for my birthday Ahhhh.🙄

🔅Guys Lucy has impeccable taste not just in best friends *Cough Aiden Cough*😏 or in ice cream but also in music. I have heard of the The Kinks but never took the time to really listen to their music before. Now I have them stuck on repeat.

🔅This is my first book from Hazel Kelly and believe me it will not be my last. I highly recommend this book if you want a sweet and funny story about unexpected love between two best friends. Again this book covers some adult situations and mature content so be warned.📚


3 thoughts on “Falling for my Best Friend by Hazel Kelly

  1. This sounds like such a fun read! Definitely need to pick this up sometime!
    [And right above this comment section there’s a review to “Lost to you” by A.L. Jackson. If I remember correctly, this one’s on my Kindle waiting to be read so I’m heading over to that review right now, haha!

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    1. Without a doubt Hazel Kelly is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.📚 This book had me smiling and shaking my head at Lucy and Aiden.😍 Unexpected yet expected love.😏
      OMG yes hopefully my review makes you want to read ‘Lost to You’ and inspires you to write your own on what you liked or what you didn’t.😂

      Liked by 1 person

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