The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1 by Lylah James

I have fallen dangerously in love with this book, the cover and it’s characters. I should really stop torturing myself like this. Reading samples of books I mean. But I’ve never been good at taking my own advice so.😂

The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1 (Tainted Hearts) by Lylah James.

The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1 (Tainted Hearts) by Lylah James



Cold. Ruthless. Killer. I am respected and feared by all.

I wasn’t put on this earth to love or be loved. I was put here to wipe out every last member of the damn Abandonato mafia, to pay them back for my mother’s death.

When I find a strange girl hiding, beaten, under my bed, I don’t let her live out of compassion. She’s a trinket, my plaything.


I thought Alessio was only one more man who wanted to use me, hurt me, and throw me away. I don’t know what it is to trust anymore. I can’t find my heart under the pain.

Alessio found it. He touched it, and brought it alive again.

But if he discovers just how dangerous I am to him…I’ll lose my life.

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The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1 (Tainted Hearts) by Lylah James, book 1 out of 2 in Tainted Heart Series

“…I had no choice, no will. No respect. No love. I had nothing…”

Omg Ayla.😭
I admire her will to run until she couldn’t run anymore. It shows how strong of a person she is. Determined to make it out of a horrible situation she was placed in by the hands of her father. I felt her frustrations and despair. Her escaping one dangerous situation only to land herself into a another one… a sexier one. *cough cough* 😏


Note to self: Never Betray The King. Alessio isn’t one to be messed with and there’s a reason why he’s feared and powerful. I was intrigued. Reading what he would do to those who betrayed his trust and position. Or more so, what he would do to the little kitten he found under his bed.😏

“..His presence made me nervous. Scared. And giddy…”

Ahhhh same Ayla. He’s the definition of dark and beautiful. Even though he was pretty scary and had a gun pointed at her.😅 It was intense, electrifying, hot, nerve-racking, omg you name it!!!🔥

I was hanging on to every word. The power that radiated from him, like Ayla, I was drawn to his character.🙏🏽😚 Literally had me fidgeting and squealing with all these OTP feels.💚

🔅 I wanted to keep this short and sweet because I haven’t read the whole book yet. I definitely hope to continue Alessio’s and Ayla’s story soon. Which I’m sure will be passionate and all consuming.🙏🏽😍


Lay Me Down by Tamara Hart Heiner

Even though I’m only able to read a sample of the book. Believe me when I say this will be going on top of the books I need to buy list.👏🏽

Lay Me Down (A Kellam High Novel) by Tamara Hart Heiner.

Lay Me Down (A Kellam High Novel) by Tamara Hart Heiner
Synopsis: Life is more than just breathing. Kylee lives with her evil stepfather and distracted mother, and she’s tired of pretending to be happy. She’s tired of being the good daughter. She’s tired of acting like she’s not lonely. It’s time for a change. But she lacks the courage to do anything about her situation until Price moves in next door. He doesn’t just show her how to survive her life – he shows her what it means to be alive.



Right away I found myself relating to Kylees character and found parallels between us to some extent. Not necessarily in the same situations or choices she makes but overall in the feelings she goes through. She’s vulnerable and above anything else yearns to be loved.💔

DIY egg decor - lay me down by Tamara Hart Heiner
Yes, this is my sad attempt at trying to be creative. I mean I didn’t just want to have plain eggs in the picture so I thought I would try and add something to it. Key word tried. They say art is subjective but still you learn and become better with time.

And she’d have friends. So many friends and admirers that she would have to carry a pocket calendar everywhere she went. She pictured herself as an adult, strolling down the sidewalk in a glamorous dress, stopping to greet all the people who adored her. All the handsome men who wanted her company. “I’d love to do dinner, Andrew. Oh, Friday? I’m so sorry, Friday doesn’t work for me. Lunch is taken on Saturday, also. I can do dinner on Saturday!”

When she’s fantasying about starting a new life, where people WANT to be her friend and guys WANT to date her, my heart broke a bit. I couldn’t help but cry. Being cut off from the everyone and everything is a heavy burden to carry especially when you’re young. You need that human interaction. So I understand why she’s so intrigued when new neighbors move in next door. Even more so, when a cute guy her age is there too. Her determination is admirable. It’s still a hard lump to swallow when she keeps getting shot down. I can’t help but feel defensive for Kylee but Price has his reasons for being distant. Some that I’m hoping to learn more about when I purchase the rest of the book.📚

Lay Me Down by Tamara Hart Heiner, A Kellam High Novel, Kylee inspired.

🔅The book is a page turner. I kept holding in my breath, praying for the sample to continue on and on. Theres mystery and I would say a supernatural element to the story I wasn’t expecting. To be honest I didn’t catch it right away. I was like wait a minute somethings happening here. Whether it’s coming directly from Kylee herself or around her, something is definitely happening.🤔

🔅What are your thoughts? Does this book sound like something you would be interested in reading for yourself? I’ve already have theories brewing in my head and contemplating what direction the story might be going.📚